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Purification of the Emperor Liang Shrine

On August 7th, 2019, we performed the consecration ceremony of the outer shrine at the Water,Land, Air Dharma AssemblyLand, Air Dharma Assembly of Ling Jiou Mountain. For twenty-six years, the energy of the assembly gathers us all together to accomplish this grand and meritorious puja. Together, we work for the reconciliation of lives.

The Water, Land, Air Dharma Assembly is to decode our karmic memories. Everyone has a memory drive inside our eighth consciousness that stores up life events. The memory drive generates our cyclic existence and sets the direction of our life like a guide in samsara.

Purification of the Emperor Liang ShrineThe objective of Dharma practice is to accomplish virtuous karmic memories. May it be among people or matters, a network of connection can be made within our field of eight consciousness. When we take rebirth, we’d encounter favorable conditions. Yet, without virtuous deeds, we’d get connected to non-virtuous conditions. One may easily get caught up with evil activities. Afflictive suffering would only be augmented.
The Water, Land, Air Dharma Assembly is all about decoding. It is to untangle the negative karmic memories of all the ancestors and karmic creditors at the assembly. At the same time, we’re re-making a positive connection with them. By attending the Emperor Liang Jeweled Repentance, one gets the opportunity to decode our negative karmic memories of present and past lives. After that, obstacles are resolved, and favorable conditions are gathered.

Dharma practice is about transforming our memories, or “karmic genetic modification”. Our memory drive presents all the indebtedness and grudges of the past, present, and future. All the confrontations are the result of past causes.  Present causes will ripen in the future. We will never be apart from our virtuous and non-virtuous causes and effects.

Purification of the Emperor Liang ShrineThe consecration ceremony of the outer shrine is to purify our afflictions. By the blessing nectar of the Great Compassion Mantra (Long Dharani), the mandala became auspicious. The purification of the mandala blesses all attendees with healthy and smooth participation in the 8-day program.

Therefore, we must strive to part from the stained karmic effect. By following the compassionate guidance of Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara), our afflictive mind is consoled with the coolness of nectar. We’d be able to return to our pure and primordial wisdom. The primordial awareness is our base. By returning to that state, we’d attain Buddhahood. A harmonious reconciliation with all sentient beings takes place as we enter the purified Dharmadhatu of the Water, Land, Air Dharma Assembly. A reconciliation of lives is attained with stability. 

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