Sunday, 25 August 2019 16:36

Offering to Sangha, Act of Purification

Offering to Sangha, Act of PurificationAn auspicious greeting to all the great masters, worldwide sanghas of triyana, sponsors, volunteers, and all of you here. Namo Amitabha

Today, I’m very honored to attend the 16th annual International Puja Dana’s Day held by the Chung-Hua International Merits Society of Buddha-puja and Sangha-dana.

In this Age of Degeneration, mankind is corrupted by greed and attachments from the root of their mind. Not only that we are witnessing the increase of conflicts among people, the planet Earth that we depend on also experiences severe damage. Natural and manmade disasters are happening more frequently. The advancement of information also imposes all kinds of wrong views. People are easily confused and troubled by the overwhelming messages. Our life is lost in this chaos.

Offering to Sangha, Act of PurificationIn times like these, Buddhadharma is the light in the darkness. It dispels all the falsity and oppressive experiences of sentient beings. The darkness of ignorance can be dispelled, and the right direction can be shown. Sentient beings can learn the right understanding, right view, and the principle of cause and effect. Furthermore, one can transform consciousness into wisdom. That way, the karmic habitual tendencies of the five poisons can be transformed into the pure wisdom of the Four Immeasurables (loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity). Sentient beings can arrive at the other shore from this suffering ocean of samsara. Sanghas are one of the keys for the dissemination of Dharma. By supporting Sanghas, Dharma can sustain for a long time. Should monastic 

My sincerest gratitude to all the sponsors of this event. May your aspiration be long and great. Let’s make an effort in the continuation of Dharma. May all of you have a bright future and a peaceful life ahead!members observe pure precepts, we are accomplishing a pure and virtuous deed by offering to the sanghas. Favorable conditions and auspicious merits are assured.

My best wishes for this great event. May the Three Jewels stay present, the country remains stable, the society prospers, and the Earth be at peace. Namo Amitabha.