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Grand Offering to Monastics in Myanmar

Grand Offering to Monastics in Myanmar

From December 2nd - 9th, 2019, we held the annual grand offering to over 10,000 monastic members in Myanmar. Disciples from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and more gathered on this land endowed with prosperous Dharma.

After the Buddha attained enlightenment, two Burmese merchants made an offering and got a few strands of the Buddha’s hair. They brought the hair relic back to Myanmar. The relic initiated an auspicious propagation of Dharma on this land. Myanmar will also be one of the pure lands in preserving the Dharma in the future. Since the time of the Buddha until now, the Dharmic transmission has never been interrupted. Having this opportunity to offer to monastic sanghas on this land is also our hope for the continuity of Dharma.

Grand Offering to Monastics in MyanmarDharma is the anatomy of psychology and materials. It analyzes the outer phenomena like impermanence, suffering, and egolessness. It also analyzes our inner emotions and thoughts. When our minds stop chasing the outer phenomena and inner thoughts, our mind returns to its origin. The mind comes back to its original face, namely, nirvana.

Nirvana is a state of being free from arising and cessation. Dharma practice is all about uncovering that awareness. It is clarity and a thorough understanding of all. Yet, when one's intention is improper, suffering emerges. By upholding proper values, suffering can be averted. We are learning about the qualities and awareness of the Buddha.

Grand Offering to Monastics in MyanmarAnother learning we must take from the Buddha is to transcend arising and ceasing, as well as the changing of phenomena. To do so, we must have the wisdom of liberation. This would set us free from cyclic existence. Dharma practice is to get familiar with our primordial awareness. This is a learning of mind so as to be undisturbed by outer phenomena and return to the state of non-grasping.

Chan practice is to uncover our awareness. Chan helps us to let go of our afflictions and attachments. We can learn to pacify our mental activity and return to our clear awareness devoid of confusion. Let’s learn well with our teacher. How? To let go of all the unsettling things. That way, we’d be truly happy and know how to work with this physical world. Likewise, we’d learn about renunciation that is immaterial and spiritual. Dharma practice is to renunciate from the ocean of notion. Then, one can reach the shore that is notionless without elaboration.

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