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Consecration Ceremony - Jade Hall of Fortune

Consecration Ceremony - Jade Hall of Fortune

On December 4th, 2019, the Jade Hall of Fortune shrine hall at our  Maha Kusala Yama Monastery in Naung Mon was opened. We’d like to express our gratitude to senior masters: Bhaddanta Can-dhimabhivamsa, Bhaddanta Sumingalabhivamsa, Bhaddanta Dhammacara, Bhaddanta Vimala, Bhaddanta Pannadhaja, Bhaddanta Kumara (Rector of the State Pariyatti Sasana University, Yangon), Bhaddanta Ponnya Nanda, Vice Principal of Mandalay University, and Rinpoches from Bhutan. Along with fellow bhikkhus, they had offered great support in our endeavor.

Our sincere gratitude to the Dai, the Blang, the Kokang, and people from other ethnic groups. The cultural associations, women societies, and the youth organizations of various ethnic groups helped with this consecration ceremony. We’d also like to thank all the support and the local Dharmapala Committee.

Consecration Ceremony - Jade Hall of FortuneThe Jade Hall of Fortune  is the collective faith and aspiration of disci-ples worldwide. This dignified and sacred shrine is therefore estab-lished. It can accommodate a thousand monastics to chant together in the future. Lay students can also gather here to study the Dharma. Those who have either contributed their effort or donation are creat-ing a great favorable condition for others. This would also be a great dependent-arising on their journey towards Buddhahood.

We’ve been developing the Maha Kusala Yama Monastery in Naung Mon since 2014. The affiliated elementary school also took in nearly 400 orphaned shramaneras. These students began their education from kindergarten, primary, to secondary level. The program also aims to train future bhikkhus who will assume the duty of propagating Buddhadharma.

Consecration Ceremony - Jade Hall of FortuneAt the same time, we’ve also offered a program on organic agriculture nearby the Naung Mon Farm. The program also teaches the manufac-turing on organic fertilizer. This would improve the soil quality and turn the product into greater value. All the programs and planning are for the betterment of Dharma propagation. The seedling of Dharma will grow stronger here. By improving living quality, people would also provide a better and favorable environment to support Buddhism.

In the future, we’d also be carrying out the plan of setting up a sima, the Pali College, monastic college for female practitioners, and the Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) Shrine. It would great to have senior mas-ters, bhikkhus, and disciples worldwide to join this endeavor. With our shared intention of sustaining Dharma, we are making connec-tions to enter nirvana and accomplish Buddhahood together.

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