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Grand Offering to Monastics - Myanmar Simplicity

Grand Offering to Monastics - Myanmar Simplicity

On December 8th, 2019, the grand offering to monastic sanghas came to the concluding day. Although the activity was rather busy to attend to so many bhikkhus. However, we should not forget the purpose out of all these. It is to pacify the disturbances in our minds. How so? To make it inactive. Stabilization emerges as conceptions cease. Relax and pacify afflictions and attachments. Relax our mind and body. Let loose of every thought so the mind stops elaborating with efforts.

Grand Offering to Monastics - Myanmar SimplicityWe can see how simple and innocent the local Burmese are. They lead a good life without much trouble or manipulations. That is because this land is prosperous with Dharma. They might not be the most developed country, yet, the people had Dharma. Whenever they’ve accumulated a bit of money or materials, they make offering to bhikkhus and monasteries right away. Whenever life gets hard, people go to temples where they find peace. Thus, temples play a vital role in the life of Burmese people.

From observing the Burmese lifestyle, we know that a “navigation system” is important for life. This would guide us towards virtues and right mindfulness. We have all sorts of intentions that generate causes, effects, samsara, non-virtues, virtues, etc. They make up the karmic memory with positive and negative influences. If one commits lots of non-virtues, a life full of suffering is inevitable. On the contrary, virtues can make up a good life. This very mind is the mastermind of all the virtues and non-virtues. Therefore, we must learn to master our minds. Be appreciative and cherishing towards every contact we come across.

Grand Offering to Monastics - Myanmar SimplicityWhen one gives generously, all those involved could feel that happiness of selflessness. As soon as one begins to calculate gains and losses, no merit is generated. Instead, the acts turn into a smelly gutter. This is saying that “willingness” is a basis of Dharma practice. Being able to give is a joy. All the bodhisattvas are about giving to make beings fulfilled and happy.

Another objective of Dharma practice is liberation. The nature of our awareness is already liberated without any troubles. However, as long as we remain unrealized, we stay in samsara. Know that all the phenomena projected from this mind are insubstantial and false. We should break our minds free from phenomena. By returning to our nature and awareness, we can transcend the suffering of change by all means.

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