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The Joy of Generosity

 The Joy of Generosity

Buddhism speaks about “generosity” all the time. But what exactly is the merit of generosity? Someone asks, “how substantial is the merit of performing generosity?” Actually, as long we serve and dedicate, we'd receive intangible happiness. This is not a physical matter. Say, why are devas enjoying great happiness? Devas don’t have too many troubles. They simply indulge in enjoyments. How so? This is the fruition of their merits. They do not find contentment with materials. Instead, their accumulation of merit ripens into their enjoyments.

The Joy of GenerosityEverything that we give is the source of infinite joy. Boundless bliss comes from selfless dedication. When we are serving and giving, we would still be unhappy if three things are present: “I”, “the person I’m giving to”, and “the thing I’m giving”. These three fixations on “self” are factors of unhappiness.

Buddhadharma teaches us the "threefold purity". The fixations on “I”, “the person I’m giving to”, and “the thing I’m giving” are the representations of “truthfulness, clarity, and happiness”. Although they are representations, they reflect the perceptions of the mind. That’s why we must practice and present the threefold purity so that “I”, “the person I’m giving to”, and “the thing I’m giving” are no longer present.

The Joy of GenerosityHence, if we could affirm this idea, the joy that we can obtain is like those of devas. If we don’t judge from gaining or loses but from the angle of bliss, we’d recognize that happiness comes from being “egoless”.

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