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University for Life and Peace - Spreading Seeds of Peace

University for Life and Peace - Spreading Seeds of Peace
There should mutually respect among religions, inclusivity among ethnicities. When this world is full of respect and inclusivity can there be great love among beings. Therefore, live harmonious with interdependence. “Respect, inclusivity, and love” is the motto of the Museum of Religions all along. Now, we’re extending this value of life to our second project, the University for Life and Peace.

University for Life and Peace - Spreading Seeds of PeaceThe objective of founding the University for Life and Peace is to mitigate the conflicts among religions, ethnicities, statuses, etc., in this diverse age of time. By creating a balance and harmony, we can recognize the value of one another. Furthermore, seeing the meaning of life from other lives. The reason that life exists is through interconnectedness and interdependency. It’s an instinctive harmony and a primal existence.

Someone had told me, “Peace? Don’t dream about, it’s impossible.” While many phenomena seem to refute the possibility of world peace, it’s important to be reminded of the nature of interdependence. The University for Life and Peace is to awaken the nature of sentient beings. Allow ourselves to rediscover the balanced nature of life.
The University for Life and Peace is a lifelong platform for learning. We’ll be educating students worldwide to spread and cultivate the seeds of peace. We’re spreading peace to all corners in the world. Besides the worldly professionalism and knowledge, we should also have an understanding of teachings, the spirit of religions. Most importantly, making everyone a seed of propagating Dharma. Like nuclear power, it could result in the maximum explosion. Introduce Dharma to everyone and allow all to find the home of spirituality. This is the “two goals” in Buddhism, benefiting oneself and others. Conflicts would cease and mankind would stop hurting each other. Instead, we help each other mutually to attain world peace and a global family of love.

University for Life and Peace - Spreading Seeds of PeaceBy enriching everyone’s life with meaningful purposes, we can “Live to serve, dedicate life to lives.” Create a world with positive cycle. Let us put our greatest effort into our life management of sustainability. Together, we can work for the object of two goals and fulfill the ultimate objective of Buddhahood.



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