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New Year's Blessing By Chan Master Hsin-tao

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Chinese zodiac year of Chicken symbolize auspicious word "Lucky". In this Chicken Year, We shall encounter many auspicious life. Therefore, Peace shall come with Auspicious, and Lucky entail the blessing of auspicious. Chan Master Hsin-tao says "We are born with good luck, we turn it into blessing." Therefore, we say "Lucky Stars Shines Bright". We need to be auspicious all the time, whether it's Year, Month, Day or Time . Everywhere, Everyone of us are blessed. This is to say, though the world becoming worst day by day, a bit against the rule nature. In our life, we still can find the balance, Why and how can we find our Lucky star? In this special year, what Master has empowered us? Please tune in and share this luck to friends.


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